Cinematographic Choreographies & Visual Works – By Janica Draisma

With this combined book and DVD, film-maker, photographer, and artist Janica Draisma gives a personal account that sheds light on several of her films and projects. Draisma describes her films as “cinematographic choreographies” or “visual poems” – films without dialogue, often driven by music. Especially her early 16 mm films are studies in choreography for camera, composed of body poses and movements symbolising and expressing an emotional thrust, and with an underlying narrative line. Here, she extensively documents and reflects upon her development as artist, the themes that are characteristic of her work, and the people who inspired her.

‘This book takes you on a journey into the universe of an idiosyncratic filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist who has produced a variety of eye-catching films, performances and choreographies. She is also a poet and a painter, and, over the years, she has become a highly personal photographer as well. Excavating from within, Janica comes very close to mirroring all that we have to discover in ourselves.

”To make people free is the aim of art, therefore art for me is the science of freedom.” To liberate oneself is a quest that not many of us dare to embark on, but in a way this quote from Joseph Beuys is exactly what Janica Draisma does in all of her work. It is that brave attitude that makes her art unique and courageous.’

Publisher Draft Foundation
ISBN 9789082369106
416 pages, illustrations colour & b/w, 21×26, HB, English, with DVD
Numbered, limited edition, signed by the artist
order: € 66,50 (excluding shipping costs)

The book Into the Light can be ordered directly from the author.

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